Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coffe with Tutu's - May 23-25

We had a great weekend at my Mom's house. Although by the time I got there, I was VERY glad to have a few days without any driving ahead of me! :) The kids are always so thrilled to see Tutu, and it is such a REAL break for me. The exhaustion hit hard that weekend - my body was just worn out. I remember thinking at one point "I don't even have the energy to PRETEND I can be helpful. I just have to sit." Rough. But if you can't do that at your Mom's house, where you can do it? We are going to miss having her only 3 hours away - definitely the one BIG drawback to our move to SC. But we are so thankful to still be very much within driving distance...and plan to make the drive often! :)

Callie has ALWAYS been very entralled by Tutu's coffee. From the time she was very little (okay, she's STILL very little), she has always wanted to sit right with her, smelling it, etc. Well, Mom got out some of her little espresso cups and poured Callie her own little cup of coffee. Really, it was mostly Hazelnut creamer with a bit of coffee in there, but she drank EVERY drop. And I mean LOVED it!!!

You'd think the bitterness would be too much, but NO! After Mom saw how much she liked it, she tried to add more milk but Callie wouldn't have any of it. She wanted the REAL coffee. It was a riot. Get ready Starbucks! :)


Annelise said...

Oh,no! Don't let her start with coffee. Annelise loves the stuff and asks for it all the time. She especially likes iced coffee :0) Callie looks so cute with her china cup too!

The Stein Family said...

How adorable! Jonathan used to refer to Chris' coffee as 'hot bossy!' -- it's funny what intrigues little ones.

anthonyandbeth said...

you're gonna have a little coffee drinker on your hands! :) so glad you were able to just relax at your mom's. you needed it!

Courtney said...

that's so funny!!!