Wednesday, June 24, 2009

good, but busy and HOT!!

SC is definitely warmer than VA beach was. I guess we've lost our ocean breeze a bit! It's been better this week (in the mid 90s all week instead of the 100s like last week), but that heat coupled with VBS has worn me out! To top it all off, our AC upstairs stopped working yesterday, so we are waiting anxiously for the AC man's arrival this afternoon. What that means, practically speaking, is that Jacob is downstairs with josiah in the game room instead of upstairs taking a nap. Callie is still napping up in her room, with a fan blowing on her. We'll see how that turns out - she'll probably be a sweaty mess.

And because we'll be here waiting for the AC man, no pool this afternoon. MAJOR bummer! But VBS has been fun this week - the kids have all had a blast. We had 21 decisions for Christ this morning - AWESOME!!! Tomorrow is our last day, so I'll be cleaning toilets and vacuuming on Friday I guess! :)


Judy said...

Yikes...sorry to hear about the AC. Hopefully it's a quick fix. Ours freezes up sometimes if we don't keep the filter really clean and then we have to leave it off for 48 hours to let it thaw. It happens every year, but so far so good this summer.

Very exciting to hear about VBS. I had the honor of leading 9 kids to Christ last week. I could hardly even pray as I was trying really hard not to cry. It was a beautiful moment and one I will NEVER forget!

anthonyandbeth said...

sorry about the AC. not the best way to spend a summer day and not what you want to happen right after you move in! :( glad you're enjoying VBS!