Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remax Client Picnic - Saturday May 30

On Saturday, we got to spend the afternoon at a park in Virginia Beach with free food, free cotton candy, free sno-cones, a treasure hunt, and free activities for the kids. It doesn't get much better does it? Remax was having a client appreciation picnic, and so the kids and I headed out for an afternoon of fun. I was worried about the heat and running around after the 3 of them, but the park was nice and shady, and the kids did a GREAT job at staying together. It was a wonderful afternoon!!!

You can tell this picture was early in the afternoon because Callie still had her bow in. Sigh. It didn't come home with us. We've lost more hair bows than we own I think. Anyways, the cotton candy was a HUGE hit (although the boys weren't happy that they only had PINK!)

The boys saw this jousting game from the parking lot and wanted to do it right away. it was hilarious - Jacob could barely hold the jousting stick it was so big! :)

The boys get a kick out of these cardboard cut-out pictures. They were serious about looking like pirates too!

This is Callie sitting on the entrance steps to a bounce house. She jumped with the boys for a bit, but then wanted her popcorn back (the girl LOVES popcorn). She REALLY wanted to bounce with it, but I wouldn't let her (obviously). So this was "her" negotiation. She sat on the steps of the bouncy with her popcorn and let the other kids' movements bounce her a bit while she continued eating!

They divided the kids up by age groups and had them search for gold coins on a treasure hunt. The kids could then redeem their "gold" for prizes. They came home with quite the loot. Most of it was dollar-store kind of stuff (a few things were broken before we got home that night), but we did get a great pool toy as one of their pickings. It's just about the fun of the hunt, right? :)

Jacob and Josiah were very good about "helping" Callie during her hunt, and not picking up coins for themselves. It was asking alot for them to be patient while the little ones went first on their hunt!

The rock climbing wall was a big hit. Made me a little nervous, but not these boys!

Little Jacob - he was hoping to make it all the way to the top! :)

I was actually surprised that Josiah wasn't more nervous - he's usually my very cautious one!

The kids had their first "ring pop" ever - how have they missed out on this joy - while we were waiting in line at the face painting table.

Josiah the Tiger

Jacob wasn't too keen on the clown situation, but he managed...

And of course he wanted to be a tiger just like Josiah!

Josiah's treasure hunt...

Here's what Callie looked like by the end of the day. Her 2nd sno-cone of the afternoon in hand...literally.


The Stein Family said...

Someday I hope to be a mom like you -- letting my kids be kids...I tend to be more on the uptight side. You're an inspiration to me!

anthonyandbeth said...

that looks like SUCH a fun day!

Courtney said...

that treasure hunt sounds so fun!