Monday, June 22, 2009

Keeping Up...

....or not keeping up - not sure which one it is today. I had great intentions of posting several different times this weekend, but just didn't get a minute...for various reasons. So you'll get the "all-in-one" variety...because I don't think the rest of the week will be much better!

1. We LOVED our date night on Friday night. It felt SO good to get out and be alone together...for the first time in MONTHS. Seriously. David moved down to SC in April, and before that, while we were still in the job-hunting phase, we were counting pennies, so there were no date nights to be had. It was great to get out. The kids did great with the babysitter (note to self: if you are a pastor's wife, and your babysitter is the daughter of another pastor on staff, you may hear stories about your kids shared from the stage the following Sunday!!!! Prepare to be humbled!) We had dinner at Outback, walked around Lifeway for a bit, then headed out and got much of our "house" shopping accomplished - you know, new bath mats, some storage/organizer things, lamp, bath towels, etc. Not anything SUPER major, but lots of fun since we were kid-less!!

2. Saturday was our REAL anniversary - 11 years! Last year we went to FL and left the kids with my sister while we went AWAY by ourselves for a week. Callie was just a bit over 1 and had just finished nursing. Now here I am about to have another baby!!! What a difference a year makes. It has been the BEST 11 years of my life - I can't imagine life without my husband David. The last 2 months made me realize just how much I rely on him for even the smallest things in my day. He is truly my BEST friend - and I don't say that lightly. I'm so thankful that God blessed me with a man like this for my husband!!!

3. We finally got our refrigerator ordered. It took me a little while to figure out exactly what I wanted and where we were going to find it. We survived the hunt (and Lowe's survived my 3 kids running around opening EVERY appliance in the store), and hopefully it will arrive on Friday. Yippee! Now, lest you think we haven't had any refrigeration, we have been using our "spare" - the one that will go in the garage. I have had 2 refrigerators for the last several years, and discovered very quickly that I require both! Partly because of the size of our family, and partly because of the amount that I use my freezer for buying in bulk and cooking once-a-month and freezing the meals.

4. Sunday - Father's day. BIG Sunday at church for David. He had a LOT of special media and music things going on that morning in the services and did a GREAT job pulling them off. I am SO proud of him and seeing him thrive in this environment that God has put him in. There's just nothing like seeing your man in his element. I'm so proud of him. He is the most incredible dad to our kids - they absolutely adore him and are pretty much glued to his side if he's around. I wouldn't have it any other way!

We also found an UNREAL deal on a patio set!! We've been looking and looking - everywhere. Finally found a set at Lowe's that was on clearance, sale, marked-down, display - you name it, we got a percentage off for it. Yippee!!! Now we are ready to really enjoy our deck and backyard!!!

5. Today - first morning of VBS!!! The kids all had fun (Josiah and Jacob are in it, Callie is in a childcare room, but she loved it nonetheless), and I enjoyed it as well. I'm teaching a kindergarten class (Josiah's in mine - I figured I would help my "cautious" child as he continues to adapt to these new surroundings). I enjoyed getting to meet some other moms and their kids, and getting to jump in with serving in such a FUN way!!!

So whew - I'm ready to lay down for a bit and put my feet up. Several of my kids were rubbing my belly today asking if the baby is coming out. I kept telling them "not yet" - so i'm going to lay down to make sure that it's not today! :)


Courtney said...

so GLAD you're putting your feet up! i'm so thankful you guys had a great date night! and productive too! love you! i think of you SO often!!!

The Stein Family said...

I'm exhausted just reading this -- glad everything is falling into place so nicely in your new home/jobs/life.

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary, a little late! I still remember the day you were married! Sweet memories. If I remember correctly you were still packing your room for the big move the night before. The Katy I know now would never let that happen :)