Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another First!

We had our first "Wednesday night" at church tonight - and it was GREAT! The boys had perked up after their naps today, so we headed to church tonight to be there at 5pm and have dinner with David first. (Man I love these southern churches - Wednesday night supper at church!!! It's been a WHILE!) Because David has choir & band practice on Weds. nights, he doesn't come home for dinner - just stays all day. So we were glad to go and eat with him and see him for a bit. Then I took the kids to their classes - which they were super excited about. Jacob & Josiah were together and they had a ball. it is called "wacky wednesdays" and they told me about all kinds of fun outside games that they did. During the school year, it will be AWANAS (hooray!). Callie loved her class (of course she did - they had babies, books, and puzzles - what more does she need?), and I got to go to choir practice! It was great - David did a great job, and I realized I need to brush up on my sight-reading a bit! :)

Before bed, I finally found Jacob's blanket that we'd been looking for for 2 days (it was in the baby's closet!). I'm not used to having to look in so many different rooms in this big house! He's saying his head hurts again, so I gave him some Motrin and we'll see what tomorrow holds.

I'm looking forward to Friday night - David and I have a date night! Babysitter lined up and everything! We haven't been out on our own in a VERY long time - not a whole lot of date nights while we were job-hunting, obviously, and then he was gone for 2 months. So we are excited. Our 11th anniversary is on Saturday, so we're going out on Friday night to celebrate. Dinner and then I'm hoping to go do some house shopping while I don't have kids to distract me!


anthonyandbeth said...

i remember after singing in kinetic for so long i felt the same way about sight reading! ha! we just did our own thing over there, didn't we. :) so glad y'all were able to go and enjoy dinner and check out wed. night! so excited about your date night and shopping trip! WOO HOO!

Judy said...

I hope your boys are feeling better today. The last thing you need is for someone to be sick!

I'm so excited that you guys already found a babysitter! That's a big deal! It took us forever to find someone that we trusted! Have fun on your date night!

Jen said...

Can you believe how much has changed in this last year of marriage? So glad you guys are getting all settled in and have a babysitter all lined up. Our church in FL always had Wed. night dinner. So much fun. Glad the kids are adjusting and can't wait to see pics of the kids' rooms. I've been reading all your blogs, just haven't had time to do much commenting - sorry!

Jenn said...

So great that you are getting a date night! Yay!! Happy (early) Anniversary!!! Have fun house shopping too - You need to start posting pics of that new home of yours!!