Friday, June 12, 2009

Throw Up, Tree Down, and The Reverend!

I got MOST of the major stuff from the last two weeks posted, but I'm still a bit behind. Not any time today though - we are getting ready for company (yes, company after being here for a WEEK!) David's mom, sister Sharolyn, and her two kids are arriving in a few hours to spend the weekend with us. We've cut the distance between us in half, and so they drove the 9 hours to see us this weekend and we're looking forward to it. Here's what's been happening in a QUICK nutshell...and then it's back to cleaning:

1. Got my brand new, beautiful washer & dryer yesterday. And just in time - Callie ran a fever in the afternoon and threw up all over herself and her carseat last night. So that was my first load of laundry - got to try out the sanitize cycle! :)

2. As David was putting up a ceiling fan in our playroom last night, a HUGE tree fell down in our backyard. It was dead, and David had JUST said the day before "we need to look into getting that tree taken down before it falls and hurts someone". VERY thankful that it happened at night when no one was out there - it would have killed someone. And it landed 2 or 3 feet from our house - only damaged the railing of our deck stairs. Could have been really bad, but God protected us. Left a HUGE crater in the yard where it fell though!

3. David is getting ordained this weekend! Sunday night is his council and then the ceremony, with a pounding to follow (we'll see how many of you are TRUE southerners to know what a "pounding" is). He'll officially be a reverend - can marry and bury!!


Courtney said...

wow! have a good visit!!!

Anonymous said...

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anthonyandbeth said...

exciting about the pounding...i had to google that one. :) can't wait to hear about this weekend!

Natalie said...

Good Lord....never a dull moment in the Schrodt house! Love all the posts. So glad to finally see all the pics...and congrats to Josiah again for his award. What an accomplishment.