Sunday, June 14, 2009

The REVEREND Calvin David Schrodt

Sunday night was a very special night for us. David was ordained! He's now officially Rev. David Schrodt! He headed back to church on Sunday afternoon for the ordination council - where you sit in front of the other ordainted pastors and deacons and answer ALL kinds of doctrinal after another. The other minister who was being ordained that night, Doug, went through this whole process with David as well - I suppose it was some moral support! :) The kids and I, as well as David's family came to the sanctuary at 6 pm for the service and waited for David and Doug to emerge. They came out smiling - so that meant they had passed! :) Callie immediately went to go sit with David for the beginning songs (to which Jacob said "she's not a pastor - why does she get to sit in that row?)

Both of the guys were asked to give their testimonies of when they came to know the Lord and when they were called into ministry. It was very moving.

As soon as David got up on stage, I knew it was going to be bad. Like, shouldn't have worn any mascara bad. His mom had given him the bible that was presented to David's dad when HE was ordained - back in 1956. It was VERY special. When David walked on stage and was holding his Dad's bible, I knew we were all going to be in for it. Sure enough, we all (including David) cried through most of his testimony! It was really an incredible moment.

After David's testimony, they had a few pastors come up to give a charge to them. I had to take the kids out back at this point - we were all sitting in the 2nd row, and Callie and Jacob just couldn't stay quiet much longer. It was already 7 pm...and I was REALLY wishing I had called a babysitter or had one of my sisters there or something!!! One of the other pastors followed us out and offered to take my kids for me so I could stay in the sanctuary to be a part of the ceremony for David. Talk about BLESSING me!!

After the charges were given, they had David and Doug come to the front and kneel down. They had all of the ordained pastors and deacons come up to lay hands on and pray for these two men. The congregation spent the time in prayer for them as well. These were the last few men praying over Doug and David. It was very powerful.
After the ceremony, we headed to the fellowship hall for a reception honoring Doug and David. Hooray! :)

This is Pastor Steve who played basketball in the gym with the kids so I could stay in the ordination service with David. I was VERY humbled and blessed by him that night - especially when I heard Jacob had to go potty during that time. Did I say I was HUMBLED????

Sharolyn - David's closest sister (10 years older)

The Schrodt family
NOT my favorite picture of me at all (remember the crying?), but I LOVED this dress that Kelli let me borrow. I'm going to have to wear it again and get a better picture of it - this doesn't do it justice.

David and his mom (oh - and I just noticed he's holding his dad's bible!) His dad died almost 9 years ago, and I know he was smiling AWFULLY big from heaven. He would have been SO proud of his son!
David, his mom and sister
These three were like peas in a pod - they were hilarious.


The Stein Family said...

Congrats to David -- looks like you guys have found a great new home and family!

Courtney said...

what a SPECIAL night!!! and your dress is beautiful!

anthonyandbeth said...

this whole post makes me want to cry! wow, what a special night it must have been! i know you were proud too! :)

Andrea said...

Congratulations David! Love the family picture! You never said what a southern 'pounding' was....or was that when they asked him all the questions? I thought it had to do with stocking someones pantry or something like that. Guess I've been out of the south for too long. :)

Heidi said...

A great big congratulations to David!! I know you are proud of your man Katy!! By the look beautiful. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are 8 months pregnant. Can't believe you are almost there. Hang in there girl!!

Judy said...

I love this post!!! And I, for the record, think you look great!! And your hubby was certainly looking sharp in his suit! I'm so glad his mom and sister could be there. What a special night. It's great that the kids could be there to witness such a memorable moment even if it wasn't the best setting for them!
Congratulations David!!