Thursday, June 11, 2009

NOT a Goodbye...Just another afternoon playdate! (Wednesday June 3)

On Wednesday after school, we headed over to the Boyer's house for another afternoon of fun. We wanted to be able to spend some time with them, the Ratz family, and the Hoares before we headed out too. (However, Sue and I both decided we would just call it another afternoon playdate - that we couldn't handle the emotional drama of the FINAL goodbye...). We had a GREAT afternoon. We swam in their backyard pool, the kids played (they were SO excited to be in a house with TOYS again for the first time in 2 weeks (all of ours were packed and gone), and spend a last afternoon with their buddies. I had a great time with the ladies - as always. These ladies are very special to me - we were all in a small group together for a few years and have definitely been through some life together! Having babies, being pregnant, job changes, church changes, marriage & family stuff, biblestudy - we have done it! I so appreciate each one of them and their unique friendships with me!

Of COURSE Sue had to take a group picture for us - and it turned out pretty good! :)

Who are these 3 skinny ladies with the GINORMOUS one in the front? :)
(L-R Sue, Jayne, Katy, Heidi)

Josiah, Bradley, Jacob, and Alexander

It's amazing Callie didn't get bounced right off of the trampoline!

Baby Laura (Heidi's youngest) - she's 5 months old and a DOLL baby!

Look where we found Callie! With Laura's pacifier in her mouth and everything! Is this what we have in store for us in a few weeks??

Did I mention how EXCITED my boys were to see TOYS again? Poor kids!
This is Sue's youngest - Madeline. She just turned 1 in April and was SO sweet! Sue had in her in the exersaucer most of the time we were in the pool. She kept saying "as long as I stay hidden in the water and Madie doesn't see me, she'll be fine in there!" And she was! :)

Grayson & Jayne

These two CRAZY addicts were drinking their COFFEE outside in 90 degree heat! What in the world! YUCK!
Hamilton & Callie playing in the sandbox

Mrs. Boyer even made Callie her favorite snack - popcorn!

The boys were taking a swimming break to watch Rescue Heroes...
Heidi was bouncing the babies
(L-R Alayna, Hamilton, and Callie)

Grayson pushing Alayna on the swing...Callie was on her own!


Judy said...

All these "goodbyes" must have been difficult! Thank goodness for blogging right? I know that God has great things in store for you in SC and I'm praying that God will give you some kindred spirits there to walk through life with you!

Courtney said...

you look GREAT! stop it! and THEY aren't pregnant!!!