Friday, June 12, 2009

A walk on the WILD side...(Saturday June 6)

Before heading out of town for GOOD on Saturday (June 6), we stopped by for one last birthday party. Daniel R. is a friend of Josiah's from school, and his parents have taken over the leadership of our small group at church. Daniel was having a wild animal birthday party and we did not want to miss it! The kids had a great time seeing these wild animals up close and we were glad to be able to stop by on our way out to SC!

L-R Jacob, Evan O. & Daniel R. (both friends from kindergarten), and Josiah
The kids patiently waiting for the unveiling of the first animal! Even Callie was pretty captivated!

The giant turtle (or tortoise...I can't remember)

The biggest frog I had EVER seen!

The baby alligator. Did you know they have 2 different eyelids? One that moves up and down and one that blinks side to side? Bizarre!

The SNAKE! Yuck!

The parrot

The hawk

Princess the Hedgehog

Jacob is our animal lover - he was in heaven!!!

The skunk (who thankfully had no STINK in him anymore!)

The chinchilla

The bushbaby

The serval (or serbal...something like that...can't was a wild cat is all I know!)

This was about the only animal the kids weren't allowed to touch (thank heavens). I opted not to touch any of them - yuck...but the kids just loved it!

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The Stein Family said...

How cool -- my kids would've soooo loved that!