Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another goodbye...over ice cream (Tuesday June 2)

We got home from our day at the beach and everyone hit the showers. We ate a quick dinner and then headed to Bruster's to join some more special friends for an ice cream goodbye. I had some tired kids for sure, but I wasn't about to miss this. Callie's shirt was messy from dinner, but why in the world would I put a clean shirt on when we were heading for ice cream? Turned out to be VERY wise when you see the state that she came home in! We also went barefoot because our shoes were all sandy and I didn't have time to wash them off. I knew we'd sit outside to eat our ice cream, so why bother? Another decision I was mocked for later that evening... :)

Callie's ice cream was about as big as her head I think...but BOY did she enjoy it!
And so the dripping begins.....and do you see Erin's look? She's probably looking at her mom and dad thinking "are you seeing what a mess this girl is?" 2 of the dads that were there were completely horrified by the fact that I'd let Callie walk around like that - ice cream melting all over her. I just figured - why in the world would I keep wiping it off...until she's done with it, it's going to be messy! That's part of summer right? it was pretty funny!

I think Emily was telling her mom that Callie was all messy when I was trying to take this picture of her!

Josiah, Ryan, and Jacob

The required "crazy face" picture.

Sorry - the pictures were crazy again. Annoying. The top picture is of Jamie and I. Jamie is due at the end of August with her 3rd child (Ryan and Emily are her other two) but she is still SO teeny tiny...especially in a picture next to me!!!! There's also a picture of Jen, Jessica and me. They didn't tell me they were both getting their hair done that afternoon. I on the other hand, had come straight from the beach practically - so that's why they look AMAZING and I look all washed up! Oh well. I am going to miss all these girls so much!

See how nice and clean Anna was? That's because she was safely strapped in her stroller! I tried not to let Callie too close to her, but she did get her hands on her a few times (loved her elmo shirt!) and probably made the poor girl have a bath that night just from proximity to her!

Jessica's new baby, Canon, made the trip - but didn't get his own ice cream cone! He's only 6 weeks old after all. (David had a hand in naming this little guy, he likes to say!)
Joe was one of the dads that was horrified at the mess that Callie became. Can you tell that Callie knew he was making fun of her? Poor baby girl! I love my filthy little girl!

Jessica's oldest son Cody is in the blue tank top - he REFUSED to let me take a picture of him, so this was the best I got!


The Stein Family said...

see -- that's what I mean, I would've been wiping my child down after every bite of ice cream until I'd had enough of it all and taken it away! Secretly all of us 'clean-freak moms' want to be more laid back like you so our kids can just be kids - happy kids. So go on with your bare feet and dirty shirts -- maybe some day I'll learn to let loose too :)

anthonyandbeth said...

this story cracked me up! i can see Chris and Joe wanting to wipe Callie up and get her all nice and clean! :) i'm with you, why bother if you know you're gonna have to do it again at the end! hilarious about the barefoot too.. :)

Courtney said...

love how relaxed you are getting...with the messiness and all :-) you've GOT to right, or you'd go INSANE!!! so many fun times with friends you had!!!