Saturday, June 13, 2009

The pool & ice cream - sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!

This first picture is out of order, but oh well. David & enjoyed playing games with Sharolyn & Grandmommy at night. We definitely whooped up on them in spades, and had fun playing Outburst too. I let the three of them play Scrabble (which Sharolyn won as always) because I'm TERRIBLE at it!
We enjoyed our day on Saturday with David's family very much - it was nice and relaxing! We spent some time at our neighborhood pool in the morning, and then came home for lunch and naps that afternoon. We grilled a yummy dinner and then headed to Coldstone for dessert. They don't have Coldstone in Memphis, so their eyes were WIDE open when they walked inside!

David throwing Jacob in the pool

You can tell Noah is older - David couldn't throw him as high! :)

David and Sharolyn enjoyed their time catching up while at the pool.


Josiah and Noah loved swimming around and throwing the torpedo back and forth to each other. They really had a lot of fun together.

Callie & Emily having a granola bar break.

Aunt Sharolyn, Callie, David and Jacob studying some bugs Jacob had "rescued".

These little millipedes are everywhere down here. Jacob keeps "rescuing" them and wanting to keep them forever. I've got to buy him a little bug house or something...I don't want them in MY house!

Callie was a good helper shucking the corn for dinner.

She's been wearing this hat (and various pairs of shoes) for the last week....the girl LOVES accessories!

Callie and Grandmommy working on some puzzles.

While Jacob was taking a nap, Emily, Noah, Josiah and I played "Slamwich" - a VERY fun (and noisy) game!

Jacob was a good shucker too! :)

Lined up and ready to go into Coldstone!

(L-R Emily, Noah, Josiah, and Jacob)

Callie and Grandmommy walking inside. It was very cute how Callie said grandmommy - it sounded an awful lot like "daddy's mommy!'

EVERYONE enjoyed their ice cream!

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anthonyandbeth said...

sounds like a PERFECT saturday! the pool looks GREAT, i'm so excited y'all have one. now what is Slamwich? i've never heard of that game. and fresh corn on the cob...YUMMY!