Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Field Trip Day! Monday, June 1

On Monday, Josiah's class took a field trip to the nursing home down the street. Callie and Jacob and I were thrilled to get to go get a sneak peek at their graduation music that they were going to perform for the residents there. We weren't disappointed - both of the kids were captivated! :)

He doesn't look very happy does he? (He's in the front row, middle on his knees, in the orange shirt). He just is always SO intently watching the teacher for her instructions. Very careful to obey in these kinds of situations.

Jacob took this picture of Callie and I - she sat in my lap like this for the whole program. Shocking! Jacob declared himself the photographer.

Sadie and Callie enjoyed a few minutes together once the program was over. Sadie's big brother, Jake, is in kindergarten with Josiah. Another one of those families that we all were pregnant with our firstborns together. Lots of memories over the years with them!

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anthonyandbeth said...

josiah does look very serious! so cute how he is so intent on listening and following directions! wonderful, wonderful qualities! :) i bet it was fun to seem them BEFORE the graduation. i'm looking forward to that post! :)