Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation (Friday June 5)

Most of you can scroll through all these pictures - but I had to put them ALL up there. For the book...but mostly for the GRANDPARENTS!! :)

David gave everyone a bath before graduation....I would never have been able to bend over that big tub!!

Look at these handsome kids ready for graduation!!!

He looks SO handsome in his tie, doesn't he? :) Jacob AaronCallie

All 3 Schrodt Kids!

Mrs. Nicole took care of Callie all year on my biblestudy days - Callie absolutely ADORED her! She had a son in the other kindergarten class, so we'd see her every morning at drop off - and Callie always wanted to give her some love!
Here's what Jacob did to occupy himself for a little bit (HIS school book...)

And here's what Callie did...unpack her purse!

They marched in and did the music part of their program before putting their cap and gowns on. Josiah had the cutest little smile on his face - sort of like he was trying to look serious, but couldn't help it! :) (MOM - you can click on these pictures and they'll get bigger for you see Josiah easier).

Josiah singing with all the other kindergartners.

Lining up on the stage...still trying not to smile...

Mandy sat right behind us, so a few times Callie climbed over the pew to sit with Mandy for a while! :)

Aren't they the cutest in their regalia???

Awaiting their diplomas...

Mrs. Mulford giving Josiah his diploma and his fruit of the spirit award - "Self-control". Does that surprise anyone? :)

Mrs. Mulford was talking about the class this year and how precious they were. There were 18 boys in his class - can you imagine? - but she was WONDERFUL with them. She was talking about how at times they were a very loud and active class, and I looked at Josiah and he shook his head and mouthed "Not me" to me - hilarious!!! No, not you Josiah. You were definitely the rule-follower in there! And I'm so proud of you for being a leader and a good example to the other students.
Josiah was awarded the Christian Character award for his class. I can't TELL you how proud we were to hear that. Mrs. Mulford talked about how he was such a good example for the other kids, and always showed the love of Jesus. I was telling Josiah later how proud I was of him, and that what Mrs. Mulford said was the BEST thing she could have ever said about him - that he was showing the love of Jesus to the other kids. Josiah said to me "I know - Daddy said the same thing." Hilarious. But we were SO proud of him.

The class picture! (Josiah's on the top row, very right)

A VERY proud graduate!

And yes, those are my shoes that Callie is wearing out of the sanctuary. At 2 hours past her bedtime, it (again) wasn't a battle I was going to fight. I'm happy to be barefoot! :)

Mrs. Mulford & Josiah

Mrs. Livingston & Josiah
What wonderful, godly, loving teachers that Josiah was blessed with this year. He learned so much and absolutely LOVED going to school every day (well, except that one day a few weeks ago when David came home and surprised us)... These teachers were a huge blessing to me - especially these last few months. They kept things very normal for JOsiah while life was anything BUT normal at home with David gone and the moving process beginning. I am SO thankful that God worked out the timing so perfectly for Josiah to be able to finish out the year with them. And now we can look forward to 1st grade (where Josiah is SO excited to get to have homework EVERY day, more of it, and get to each lunch at school!!!)


Judy said...

Oh Katy! How can you even stand it?? He is so handsome in that tie! I admit, I cried when I saw that first picture of him looking so dressed up! What a proud moment for you and David! You're both incredible parents!

anthonyandbeth said...

look at that sweet boy! i know y'all are SO SO very proud! he looks so big! i'm glad he's excited about his homework...such a good student! :) love the picture of him in is cap and gown! adorable!