Monday, November 19, 2012

Together Finally!

We left EARLY Monday morning to head down to Florida for Thanksgiving week.  We always look forward to seeing family, but I was particularly anxious to go this time!  I had a new nephew to meet!  Kelli and I have LOVED having babies together - its so fun to be in the same stage.  The only bad part is that we were both held captive by our own new babies and couldn't go see the other sister and her baby!!  So we FINALLY got to get Sam and Judah together! Their brothers, Joseph and Caleb, are absolutely best buddies, and I know these two will be too!  The kids did great on the drive down and we got to Kelli's house a little after 3 pm.

 Went for a little walk down to see the water.
 Lots of people were out fishing and were catching quite a bit.  We had quite the audience that wanted to see everything!
 These three were hilarious.  Never far apart from each other.  They were going up to the fisherman and then saying "EWWW!  That's the fish blood! Gross!"  I'm sure the fisherman loved it.
Jacob hanging out in the kitchen with Aunt Kelli and Baby Sam....playing a little keyboard music :)
 Dessert at Aunt Kelli's house - trying to eat up things in the fridge to make room for the Thanksgiving stuff.  The boys were more than happy to help eat up the whipped cream!

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