Friday, November 23, 2012

Celebrating Josiah

Since Josiah's 10th birthday was only a few days away, we took advantage of being together with all our family and celebrated him on Friday afternoon. He chose tacos for his lunch (no big surprise there - his record is eating 7 tacos in one sitting!!) and then we gathered around outside for him to get to open his presents from them.

 Kim brought both Jacob & Josiah's birthday presents with her - so first we pretended it was October 19 again so Jacob could open his :)

 Okay, back to Josiah.  He and Jacob got these Exploder guns from the Oates.  They shoot these water filled pellet things....a step up from Nerf apparently.  BIG hit.  Kim is a mom to 3 boys, so she knows what's cool!  :)

 Tutu gave him a card with $10....and a promise that the rest of his present would be delivered to his house for his actual birthday (we didn't bring any of his presents from us either...we wanted to save something for him to open on his actual birthday)

"It's Terrific to be Ten" from Kelli - Josiah was super excited :)  I never get enough books for him from the library!

 Very confusing shape!!! What could it be?  I told him maybe wrapping paper!
 AWESOME!!  A USC gamecocks poster for his room!!  Thanks Aunt Kelli and Uncle Scott!!
(Kelli had even ordered USC plates and napkins for his party lunch/cake but they didn't arrive in time...sad...he didn't know so he wasn't sad but Kelli was!!  She's such a great party planner - and super thoughtful in the details!)

 An ice cream cake from Carvel - decorated like a football field of course!
 They licked their plates clean!

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sandi said...

how hard is it to believe that we have been moms for 10 years! it was so great doing those first few years of it with you. sam and john david are leaving in a few hours for a carolina basketball game tonight. that's his birthday present. morgan has a ballet recital or i would be going to. and we can't keep enough books for sam to read either.