Thursday, November 22, 2012

Run 4 The Pies!

Of course there was a race involved, right?  :)  Kelli and Kristen have done this race on Thanksgiving morning for several years now.  It's a 4 mile race (hence the name "Run 4 The Pies" and the top 900 finishers get a pie to take home!  There wasn't a kids race or we would have signed the whole crew up!  Plus, I haven't really been back in my running groove yet and so I offered to cheer on and take pictures and keep all the kids while they ran!!  :)

Josiah and Jacob carrying the chairs to our viewing spot 
Kelli volunteered to run with the two boys in the jogging stroller - ugh!!  Caleb and Joseph were SUPER excited though!!
There she is!  They are ready to go!  (Is she crazy or what?  This was her FIRST run back after having the baby!!!)
Lots of runners - almost 2000!
David ended up running at the last minute.  Kelli had signed Scott up, but he changed his mind so Kelli convinced David to run it.  He has been on maternity leave too :) but borrowed Scott's shoes and ran it!  Crazy!!  He's in the orange shirt and pants (we didn't even bring running shorts!)
Saw lots of funny hats and turkey costumes :)
There's Kristen back there in the turquoise shirt!
Hi Kristen!  Doing great!  2 miles down, 2 to go!!
Here comes Kelli and the boys!  :)
They had just passed a water stop - and both boys had a cup of water too!  :)
There goes Chris in the red shirt and white visor - sprinting towards the finish!!
Here comes David - running towards the finish!!!
He's smiling...but said it was tough :)  I still can't believe he could just get up and run 4 miles one day....after not having run for months.  Not that way for me!
Chris won a pie!!  Hooray!  :)
Mom sat next to Chris' mom and held Judah for me while the other kids and I were cheering and hollering.
David finished 896...and yet they had run out of pies...he was so mad.  Someone got his pie!!!
Kelli's running partner, Melissa, ran in the race (she got a pie!).  She and Kelli do a big race every year - wonder where they will run this spring?  I'm pushing for somewhere in SC!  :)  Last year they did a half marathon at Niagara Falls!  :)
Here comes Kristen towards the finish line - she ended up setting a PR!!

The family!  :)  A fun way to start Thanksgiving Day!  Now time to get home and put the turkey in the oven!
The runners!
(No medal for Kelli.  Sad story.  When she came around at the 2 mile mark, they had already closed the street where she should have kept going straight to do the other 2 mile loop. They had already closed it and so she kept going on through but hit the finish line.  She didn't end up doing 4 miles...only ended up doing 2 because they had closed the course off.  She was bummed.)

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