Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jacob's Turn!

 This boy LOVES his baby brother.  Jacob has always been the most affectionate, physical one with the babies.  We used to say that he treated Callie like a cat - he would rub her head, rub his face against her face....and he's done the same thing with Caleb and now Judah.  He BEGS to ask me if he can carry Judah around all the time.  Most of the time I tell him no, but he was just dying to hold him while standing up (why is that a big deal?) and so i let him.  He's going to be a great daddy!
 He is just DYING for his turn to play football!

After Josiah's the flag football games were over, David and Jacob took off - it was Jacob's turn to get to go see a USC game!  One of Caleb's Cubbies teachers pulled me aside on Wednesday night and said she had a couple of extra tickets to the USC game on Saturday and would David want to take one of the boys.  That's a BIG YES!!  So he got to take Jacob for a turn and they had a blast! Jacob wasn't nervous or overwhelmed at all - he LOVED it!

Their seats were right next to the marching band!  :) 
 Marcus Lattimore's name was put up in the stadium for the most touchdowns!

 It was Armed Forces week, so they celebrated all the military during the pregame and halftime!  Go Marines!!!

 There's just something about fighter jets doing a flyover.  It gets me every time.  I loved this about living in VA Beach - we heard it all the time.  And i LOVED it.  The sound of freedom.

So thankful for these sweet people from our church that blessed David and the boys in this way.  Some special time for Daddy and his boys - one on one.  A gift.

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