Friday, November 23, 2012


We were ALL there.  All 4 sisters.  Our husbands and kids. My mom.  We are a LOT.  And I LOVE that we are a big family.  But it does make us loud.  And messy. And lots of mouths to feed. And dirty feet.  And reminding about manners and kind words and gentle hands.  But I love it.  And wouldn't trade my family or these times when we are together for anything.  So very thankful for Kelli and Scott and their willingness to let us turn their life upside down for a week!  I am THANKFUL!  :)

 Judahbug LOVES his Tutu.
 We walked down on a trail on the island of Palm Beach.  You talk about another world.  Wow.  
 There is a name for this tree...don't know it, but David does :)
 It's in the backyard of the chapel where Kelli and Scott got married 12 years ago :)
 When the Oates came later that morning, we headed downtown to play in the green space.  The boys brought the football (of course) and David quarterbacked for the two teams (I think it was John and Jacob against Luke and Josiah)
 David Oates and the 4 pack (Caleb, Callie, Matthew, and Joseph) headed across the street to see another sand sculpture (I went too...but had to take a picture of how cute they all were first!)
 It doesn't say anywhere on that sign no hanging on the fencing does it?
 When we crossed back over the street, they all took off running!  :)
 Kelli and Mary played a little bocce ball
 Football continued...

 Water break for Luke over on the sidelines :)
 I'm sure there was some deep conversation going on during that game of bocce ball too :)
 Kelli (she's so smart) had packed some sidewalk chalk in her diaper bag

 Callie wrote her whole name on the wall :)
 Mary and Judah
 Uncle Scott and Uncle David
 Kelli, Kim, and Mom (I think she was holding Sam)
 Some cute little monkeys up in the tree
 Pretty sure Kim and Mom were about to have a heart attack watching this...but the dads were down below and sort of cheering the kids on!  :)  See how high Callie is up there?
Time for a picnic lunch :)

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