Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let the Celebrating Begin!

Tuesday morning.  Kristen's vacation began - she didn't have to go to work, so she came over early to hang with us a little in the morning.
 Callie is a READER now!  And she LOVES it!  There is nothing like seeing it CLICK in your child.  LOVE it.  She brought all of her little books on the trip and must have read them 100 times in the car.  She wanted to read them to everyone - Kristen was gracious to let her :)
 Callie was SO excited to get to hold and kiss Baby Sam!
 These two big brothers are just the same - no matter which baby they are holding.  They are ALL up in their space!  Can you see sweet little Sam's face in this?  The life of a little brother!
 Kristen and Callie drove to the airport to pick up Mom.  Josiah decided to make a football book of the 32 teams in the NFL...complete with logos, division information, etc.  He cracks me up.
 Judah LOVES Aunt Kristen!
 Tutu is here!!!  Judah and Sam having a little conversation...

 The great thing about having Thanksgiving in Florida is that the weather is great and you can eat outside!  :)
 Going for another walk...the 3 amigos were up riding on bikes/scooters....they were never far apart from each other!

 It was Tumbling Tuesday!  Joseph has been taking a little tumbling class at their rec center and he LOVES it!  His teacher said that  Caleb could come and do his tumbling class with him and they had a BLAST!  It was so cute watching him!  After the class was over, we walked next door to a little playground so the kids could play for a bit.  

 We seem to always have a football with us these days...
 Kelli and Sam
 That night, we went out to a Hibachi place to celebrate DR KELLI ROADS!!  :)  So much fun!

 I dropped so much rice on him!!  Kind of a tricky place to eat and hold a baby at!
 My kids - all of them - do so well with chopsticks!  I don't even bother trying anymore...
 Josiah LOVES the food here - eats like a real person.  He ordered the Hibachi Shrimp and ate it all!  :)

 See the chopsticks?  it's amazing and maddening all at the same time!  :)

 Everyone was glad to see Uncle Chris...or maybe his phone?  :)

 It's not a party without cake!  :)
 I got her a Barnes and Noble gift card - so she could do some reading for FUN....NOT research!  :)
 Kristen got her a beautiful glass apple with Dr. Kelli M. Roads inscribed on it :)
Congratulations Kelli!  We are SO proud of you!
(During Mom's speech, she said she thinks it must be because Kelli is the only one that she put in preschool!  Isn't that hilarious!  :)  She really sent her to preschool because Kim was starting kindergarten and they always did everything together!)

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