Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dr. Kelli M. Roads

For many years, my sister Kelli has said that she was going to get her Ph.D one day.  She has always loved learning and has always wanted to be the best and an expert in her field.  Well, she DID it!!!  She has been working on her doctorate degree for 7 years and had her defense of her dissertation on Wednesday - and passed!!  She will graduate on December 15 with her PhD!! It was all I could do not to drive down there to see her defense, but at least I knew I would see her soon at Thanksgiving to be able to celebrate!!!

At the beginning of the year, she was shooting to be done before baby Sam arrived.  A few things were delayed and took a bit longer, and so December became the anticipated graduation date.  When Samuel was born in August, the pressure was REALLY on for her to be able to finish writing her dissertation...and somehow still manage life with a 3 1/2 year old and a BRAND new baby and sleep deprivation and everything else!  But she stuck it out - and now she is Dr. Kelli Roads!  Congratulations Kelli - I am SO proud of you!
 My dad flew down to see her defense and sent me these pictures.
 The committee that grilled her during the defense :) One of these ladies was her professor in one of her FRESHMAN education classes many years ago.  Kelli said she remembers that class because on the first day, she looked around and thought "wow. I think I am the dumbest person in this class!"  I think not - but I wonder how many of those students now have their PhD!!

 Once they announced that she had passed, they gave her a beautiful leather portfolio with "Dr. Kelli Roads" on a nameplate on it!

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