Saturday, November 24, 2012

One last hurrah before goodbye

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed over to the Green Market near Kelli's house.  They have a HUGE Farmer's Market each Saturday with all kinds of vendors and things out and about.  We walked through and sampled lots of yummy things (Red Velvet Donuts - yes please!).  We ended up back at this open space again that we played at yesterday.  They had corn hole and sandboxes set up - it was so nice!

 These little sandboxes were set up for kids...right next to wear the super cool sand sculptures were!  It was a cute idea!

 Callie took Joe all over the place in the wagon!
 We watched progress being made on the 40 foot tall sand sculptured Christmas Tree!  :)

 Not an expert, but I'm pretty sure Callie is a little close to the hole :)
 Kristen and Mom with the babies :)

 Caleb...not usually very far from one of the babies...he liked kissing and rubbing Sam's bald little head :)
 Right before we said goodbye, it dawned on me that I didn't think I had a picture of me and Kelli with our babies!!!

 I'm SO glad I got one!!!  This IS the only one I have of us and the boys!
This face says "Oh man!  I don't want to leave yet!"  :)

We had a GREAT visit.  Never long enough...we always want one more day!  It was time to head back home though - long drive ahead of us and a full Sunday coming!  What a GREAT Thanksgiving week!

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