Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Black Sparrow

 David and Jacob helping Kelli with the turkey brine

 Matching hair :)
 Jacob is a good egg cracker :)
 Everytime I'd go in the living room to check on things, I found Chris buried under kids like this :)
 We headed out for a surprise adventure...a trip out on a Pirate Ship!
 All the kids got to put some pirate wear on and sign the flag

 Always a sucker for some face/hand painting!
 They had all the kids come sit up at the front of the boat.
 Me and Judah had a little lunch date in the back of the boat :)

 This pirate's name was Joker.  He was hilarious!  Totally had the kids engaged the whole time.  Would shout "All hands on deck!" and the kids had to bend down and put their hands on the ground!  I can see using that in kids' choir!!  :)
 Listening intently to the instructions that Joker was telling them!
 Hoisting the flag

 It was a gorgeous boat ride out around the islands!
 They all got a piece of the map that they had to figure out how to put together...they were looking for treasure!

 Saw the USCG in action while we were out
 That's who we were looking for - Jack!!  

 Shooting him with water cannons
(Poor guy must have been freezing...it was a little cool and the wind made it chilly! Must have been the low man on the totem pole to get stuck with that position!)

 Jack surrendered and came on board...we made him take the good pirate oath :)
 We found the treasure!

 It was a beautiful ride - the kids were totally entertained, we got to see the water and some beautiful homes around Singer and Peanut Island, saw the Kennedy Bunker!!  It was so fun!
 Joker showed everyone how to get one handful of gold

 A little limbo action on our ride back

It was super fun!  Mom and I were laughing on the ride out; saying that this would be the perfect thing for Scott to do in retirement.  We told Scott and he said, without hestitation, "oh totally!".  He has a sailboat and LOVES being out on the water.  It was really quite fun!

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