Wednesday, November 21, 2012

S'More Fun

 Judah and Tutu deep in conversation
 Me and Sam!  isn't he absolutely delicious?  :)
 Josiah was a BIG fan of the peppermint bark that Kristen brought over!  I can't blame him!
 We headed up to Kelli's library that afternoon to pick up a book she had on hold....they have these awesome reading chairs up in the children's area - wouldn't that be fun to have in your house?  :)
 Had the kids run a few laps while Kelli was checking out :)
 They have these awesome sand sculptures all around their downtown area - we had fun walking around to see some of them!
 Kelli and the crew
 The babies :) They certainly didn't lack for attention this week!

 Scott built a fire in their firepit for s'mores!!  It was chilly - good thing we had our sweatshirts!

 Caleb had a sleepover in Joseph's room.  Joseph got new bunk beds before Sam was born and so Caleb was excited to spend the night :)
Joseph - sound asleep.  We wore them completely out each day for sure!!

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