Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another day in the life...

 My sister Kelli sent us pictures of her kids in their halloween costumes and Joseph was batman.  Caleb wanted to put his batman costume on (I SO clearly remember Jacob LIVING in this costume for a few years...) and send Joseph a picture :) We are SO excited to see them in a few weeks!
 Found THIS book at the library and about died!  It's my favorite Christmas movie EVER...from the 1980s I think.  My sisters and I watched it every year.  I have GOT to find it on DVD.  Its based off a chapter book, and now they have adapted it for a children's book too - LOVE it!!!
 This boy.  And his hair.  Love them book!

Caleb and Jackson have had a GREAT time during football practice/games this season!!  They are SO cute together!

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