Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Sundays are long days in this family...
Funny story.  On Thursday night, Caleb didn't eat a very good dinner.  We had chili and he decided he was only going to eat his required bites (3) and be done.  I said that was fine but that he wasn't going to eat anything else that night.  Well, at Callie's cheerleading practice that night, the mom handed out snacks for the team and gave me one for Caleb too - it was a Twinkie!  He was sad, but I told him he couldn't eat it because he didn't eat a good dinner.  I told him I would save it for him.  The next day, all the news everywhere was about how Hostess was going to go out of business and it would be the end of the road for Twinkies!  Suddenly, I was looking at that Twinkie a little differently!  :)  My kids had never even eaten a Twinkie before!  Anyways, David let Caleb have his Twinkie on Sunday night when they were heading back up to church and he LIKED it!  :)

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sandi said...

a few years ago on a field trip sam was introduced to the world of twinkies. afterwards, i asked john david "what kind of mom and i that i have never bought twinkies?" so we bought a box and they were not as good as i remember as a kid. kinda dry. the kids were not impressed either. now the cream filled cupcakes, i am sure would be a different story!