Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Ice Skate in Florida

Remember how we struck out on Thanksgiving night?  Well, we made another attempt on Friday night.  The Oates had to get back on the road by 6 pm, so we headed downtown to try one more time - and we were in luck!!  The rink was open!!  It's not real ice -'s Florida people!  It's this little square area with wax flooring...but real ice skates so it feels sort of legitimate!  The kids thought it was fantastic and were so excited!

 Last year when the Oates came to visit Kelli, they did this and it was one of the highlights for several of the kids. Matthew wouldn't let go of a hand last year - but this year he was ready to go all by himself!

 Of course the little ones wanted to try to!  Here's Caleb with his big brothers
 Joseph. He cracks me up.  He's a very cautious little guy. But doesn't want to be left out of ANYTHING. Especially anything his cousins are doing.  So when he heard Caleb and Callie say they wanted to try it, he chimed in as well.  As soon as he got out on the "ice", he turned his head back to Kelli and started panicking saying "I think I'm going to fall!" But Mary came to rescue and kept him on going and he was fine!!!  He loved it!  :)
 Luke was so sweet to help Callie figure it out...

 These two were baby sitting  for us!

 Callie was ready to be on her own!!  :)

 Josiah's getting fancy now!  Trying his hand at skating backwards :)

 UH OH!!!!
 Here come our husbands....they escaped to Starbucks for a little bit :)
 While we were waiting for the "snow" to fall, Caleb finally passed out.  Poor guy.  He went full throttle this week.
 All bathed and jammies on and ready for a movie!
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!!  LOVE this movie!!!  First time my kids ever saw it - GREAT movie!  :)  (And was a little too close to call with my own childrens Christmas musical coming up!!)

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sandi said...

seriously, ice skating in shorts! great!! my how everyone has grown since we last saw you guys!