Thursday, November 22, 2012

MUCH to be thankful for!

 The Oates arrived a little before noon!  Hooray!  
(David DID run 4 miles that morning...I suppose he's entitled to a little nap...he hadn't even had any turkey yet!)
 There's Uncle Chris again...buried underneath the children!  Don't you love his expression?  :)
 Kelli kept us on task - we couldn't dilly dally...we had 20 people to cook for!  :)
 Kim was great company in the kitchen!  :)
(Kristen was hard at work making her squash casserole - which was determined to be a favorite of MANY)
 Watching a little Thanksgiving day football
 Josiah and Luke PLAYING a little Thanksgiving Day football

 Kim and Judah
 John and Judah
 Mary and Sam
 Mary and Judah
(I'm telling you - these babies got a LOT of love!!!)
 John and Sam

 Mom and Kim holding Sam and Judah

 David and Scott were tasked with setting the table
 Callie and Matthew in the hammock...wonder what they were talking about?

 SOME of our food!
 Uncle David carved the turkey for us
 Some hungry boys trying to be patient...
 I think David and Scott did a marvelous job, don't you?  :)

 It was so fun eating outside - and eating all together!  I don't like having to separate people at different tables - this was SO fun!
 Another perk of Florida - the ability to keep your french doors wide open like this all the time!  It was so gorgeous!
 Went for another walk and found this awesome tree!

 After attempting to get a quick family picture of all 20 of us (we'll see if that turns out...its on Kelli's camera...) we headed downtown to CityPlace.  They have these beautiful fountains and a gorgeous Christmas tree all lit up.
 They also were supposed to have ice skating and "snow" on the hour....however, none of that was operating...apparently closed for Thanksgiving Day....contrary to what all advertising and signage said.  Annoying.  Its not easy to move around 20 people...We had a few disappointed kids...and adults....Back home we go.  We'll try again tomorrow.
 Josiah and Luke played a little Catch Phrase
 Joseph and Matthew helping Kelli in the kitchen
3 brothers-in-law...all with their smartphones out :)


jenn said...

That picture of Mary and Sam looks like YOU!!!!

sandi said...

that's a lot of mouths to feed! glad you had some help with that meal.

Courtney said...

i LOVe that you all ate at the same table - aND outside!!!