Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday afternoons with Dad

Sunday afternoons I am pretty consumed with preparing for my children's choir that evening.  On this particular Sunday afternoon, I had a preschool leadership team meeting that was immediately following church services in the morning.  I stayed with Judah while David took the rest of the kids home.  My friend Alli and I swapped a few kids - she took Callie home with her, and David took Keatley home with us.  Keatley is doing drama with Josiah too so this way only one of our families would have to be at church early for drama.  Helps us both out! 

 They played a little Just Dance on the Wii
 Apparently Caleb played a little DS....
and then when I finally got home and took all the big kids to choir, David took the little boys to the playground.  I wonder what Judah thought as he saw Caleb swinging directly towards him??

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