Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The "Waterpark"

On Thursday morning, we headed to Beth's YMCA where they have a FABULOUS waterslide at their outdoor pool! Callie took and passed the swim test (swimming a half length of the pool and treading water for 30 seconds) so that she could go down it. She was SO excited and must have gone down the slide 100 times after that!!

Another great picnic lunch that Beth packed us!
Sorry these turned out so dark - we were under a canopy and I didn't think about the camera lighting! :)
Jacob decided to try cheetos on his sandwich! I love putting chips on a sandwich, but not cheetos! :)
These girls are totally hilarious. They were creating their own little world on Beth's bed. They were getting all their babies changed and ready to go to church! Beth said she walked in at one point and they were praying with their babies :)
I'm telling you - they LOVE each other! It's all we'll hear about for the next several weeks/months - when can we go back to Addison/Callie's house? :)
A "few" of their babies
The big boys were having movie night - we watched Secretariat! (Since we were all in a horse mood from the rodeo the night before - it was Harrison's recommendation and we enjoyed it greatly!)
Caleb was still off. He took a 4 hour nap, still running a low fever, and just off. Some yucky diapers. Assuming it was rotovirus. Poor thing.
Ready to go to church! (although they said they were going to their "old church" which I found very funny.)
Caleb played with them quite a bit. Every now and then he'd run upstairs to see the big boys or play with something up there, but for the most part he was the prince or daddy in their play world. It was very cute.

We taught Beth's family how we do "highs and lows" at dinnertime - everyone gets to share what their most/least favorite thing of the day was. The kids all said that the "waterpark" was their favorite thing - hilarious since it's just the YMCA pool, but since it had a slide it catapulted it into being a "waterpark". :) Jackson said that his "low" was having to sit next to Jacob when he ate eggs for breakfast! Is that not hysterical? Jackson HATES eggs!!! Obviously!

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anthonyandbeth said...

The fact that they all called it a watermark cracked me up! The girls and their babies...hilarious. Praying with their babies...too much! I love it! Aother FUN day!!! And the highs and lows, and Jackson's egg comment. HILARIOUS!!!