Monday, August 15, 2011

Only Two More!!!

Caleb has apparently learned how to make funny faces from his siblings - this is what he did when I asked him to smile for me! :) (We had lunch at Firehouse Subs after church on Sunday. I LOVE their subs. My favorite is their club - to DIE for. Favorite sandwich ever. could probably eat three of them. Yum. Josiah gets the same thing. except plain. :) ) He's also learned how to throw a fit. The last couple days when I've not given/done what he wanted, he lays down on the floor and tries to kick and scream. He's just so cute doing it! :) Okay, so it's still not tolerated, etc and he's getting the idea. But I think it's pretty funny that he's trying all these "tricks" out...
These two are REALLY starting to play more and more together. And nicely too! They had gone to get their rainboots - who knows why - but they wanted their picture together. Are they cute or WHAT?
Monday is normally my house cleaning day. BIG housework day. But I decided to say heck with it! We are all going to enjoy our last two days of summer! I can clean my house later! So we headed to Lake Murray with our neighbors who had NEVER been and had a great time!
This crew looked for fish for hours and tried (to no avail, thankfully) to catch them. Josiah, Noah, Jacob and Abby...and Callie tagged along with them for a while, and then would come up to the sand and play for a while, etc).
Caleb loved it too - loved sporting my shades for a bit. He and Max (no pictures of Max :( - sorry!) had a great time in the sand and in and out of the water. They loved riding their boogie boards! The weather was gorgeous - warm but not so sweaty hot like it has been all summer! We had a great time! And it was one more thing checked off our list! We are down to two!!!
Yep, that's what my house looked like today. And I'm okay with that. They only have two days left. So what!
How she can lay in the middle of toys all over the floor like that is beyond me....It was a good day (until dinner when we were trying to eat spaghetti quickly in order to get jacob to karate and caleb was throwing a fit on the stairs and jacob was crying about not wanting meat in his sauce. then i about lost it. told them tomorrow could be a FUN last day of summer vacation or we could stay home and clean the house and work on better attitudes. hate to be grumpy but come on kids! time to get some grateful hearts around here!!)


Judy said...

Wow, only 2 days left?? You guys get started early. I hope you get out early too :)
Thanks for your advice on this whole school thing. Christian is feeling timid but excited. He has a great teacher. His bus ride is 45 minutes, which I have a big problem with. So I'm going to be driving him in the mornings, but he's going to ride the bus in the morning and afternoon for the first week. His school is a primary school (k-2) so that's good!!

anthonyandbeth said...

Good for you for making the most of these last two days of summer! I have purposely not called to take time from you and the kids but I sure hope I can talk to you tomorrow! I miss you! And I need more details! Tell them we hope they have great first days! :-)