Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mini Golf! One More Checked Off!

On Tuesday morning, we headed out for one of our last remaining outings on our "list" - miniature golf. It took me a long time to figure out where we had miniature golf around here - a big difference from when we lived in VA Beach - they were everywhere!!
I wasn't a very good teacher for Callie...David would have died.

At about the third of fourth hole, Calllie announced "I'm not going to play anymore. I'm just going to dance around!" :) Fine by me - she was driving the boys crazy because they WERE playing for real and she and Caleb just kept getting in their way.

He looks cute doesn't he? He was actually laying down on the grass throwing a fit because he didn't want to pick up his own ball out of the hole. I mean seriously? It was short lived...
These two were hilarious. They loved it and were quite annoyed that the younger two were totally in their way the whole time. That would have driven me nuts too...actually it did drive me nuts.
Callie or Caleb had just totally messed up Josiah - they had grabbed his ball and was running all over with it. Poor guy - he has a LOT of self-control with them most of the time, but that kind of thing really makes him crazy. Can't blame him either.
Trying to blow it a little further! :)
It's a big deal choosing what color your ball is going to be! Josiah ended with a hole in one and Jacob won the game! We had a great time and definitely enjoyed it on our last day of summer vacation!

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sandi said...

great pictures! looks like loads of fun. paula said to say hello and she misses you and thinks you are probably as beautiful as you ever were!