Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preparing for our brothers to come home!

These two are getting to be quite the tandem. They were adorable - I kept asking Caleb where the boys were and he would say "Um. I know (which means I don't know). At cool (school)?" It was adorable. We got to work right away on our brownies. I always make heart-shaped brownies from the kids to each when they get home from their first day. You know how I am with traditions!
Oh, and we were making a batch of finger jello too...
I love cookie batter. But brownie batter? Not a fan. These two loved it though!
The boys came off the bus with HUGE smiles and Josiah did not stop talking for a WHILE! So much so that I had to stop him to check in with Jacob! :) Josiah just was going on and on about EVERYTHING - all the new rules, new responsibilities, all the "weird" things about 3rd grade (translation: all the things that they do differently from last year). I love that he loves school so much. He's showing a lot of maturity too. He said something about the fact that he remembers last year on the first day of school he didn't know very many kids in his class, but by the end of the year he had so many friends. So that helped him not be as nervous this year, because he knows that after some time, he will have lots of friends again. He is a sweet boy.
Jacob had a great day as well - he was VERY excited about his class and the 100 books log that all the first graders work on. They try to have all the 1st graders read 100 books by the end of the year - and exceed that if they can. This boy has some competitive parents, so he's got some of that in his blood too, I'm afraid. We sat and read books that afternoon for EVER - and he was happy to show Mrs. Enright that he already had 27 books written on his log after only 1 day of 1st grade!!
You are SO loved boys. I missed you SO much while you were at school today. Callie, Caleb and I kept looking at the clock waiting for you to come back home to tell us all about it! I know God has super exciting things for both of you this year and I can't wait to see all that you will learn this year! Always remember to do your best and to be a blessing! I love you both!

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must not be up on the different jello varieties... what is finger jello?