Monday, August 22, 2011

Taste Testers, New Specs, and M&Ms!

After making 120+ cupcakes, I had 2 very willing taste testers!! And since Caleb's birthday is still very fresh in his memory, he wanted to blow out candles again. Okay - why not? :)
We got to pick up Josiah's new glasses on Friday after school - he picked them out totally himself and LOVES them. LOVES that he can see so clearly - he didn't realize how blurry everything was until he saw how CLEAR it could be! :) (This picture was right after I woke him up from a 3 HOUR nap on Saturday - school is exhausting!)

Sunday night was our big kickoff for children's choir for the fall! Our Sunday night programming is called M&Ms - for Music & Missions. Kids choir is the first choir, and then Missions programming is the 2nd hour. I found this costume when cleaning out a preschool office room at church last week. Jacob volunteered to be our mascot! :)

While getting my house back in order after all the back to school craziness and kids choir kickoff insanity, it got very quiet at one point in the day. This is why - Caleb had climbed up onto the kitchen counter and found the peanut m&ms. YUMMY! Doesn't he look proud of himself? :)

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sandi said...

isn't it amazing how great they can see, ONCE they admit that that can't see? his glasses make him look more mature.