Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday - a bit of a FULL day!

Saturday morning's session wasn't starting until a little bit later (8 am!!) but David and I had to run first!! It was not bad (VERY humid and VERY hilly -worse than at home), so we were glad to make it. Got back to the hotel, showered and packed up in a hurry, and then checked out and drove up the road to grab some breakfast. Our intention was to get breakfast sandwiches at Subway and then head to the first music session. Much to our surprise, Subway was closed!! The sign said it was only open Monday - Friday!! We couldn't believe it. We were STARVING though and were running out of time and options before the session started, so we had to go grab a bagel sandwich at McDonalds. Not NEARLY as good.
Saw this fabulous car at McDs though while we were at the drive through. Can you imagine driving that around town? :)

The festival concluded with a premiere of Celeste Clydesdale's newest children's musical. I LOVED seeing it - seeing how another church puts on their musicals with staging, drama, choreography, etc. The kids did a GREAT job and I enjoyed getting some tips and ideas from watching them. (Oh - and I was relieved so see that their kids are just like ours - some got wiggly and fidgety on stage, some were looking around instead of at the director, some kids forgot their lines for a moment, some microphone was turned on late, etc :) )

We had a WONDERFUL time. It was a GREAT conference and we got tons of great music ideas, reminders of songs we need to pull out and do again, etc. A GREAT time a refreshment for us a couple in ministry. Very encouraging and exciting. A great time to refuel. A wonderful weekend away with my husband! Doing one of the FUN parts of ministry together - all the music!! We LOVED it!!

We left the conference at 12:31 pm, jumped right in the car and started speeding along down the interstate. One of our pastor's daughters was getting married at 2 pm at the church, and we intended to be there! We pulled into the parking lot at 2:02 pm and were SO glad to see they were running a few minutes late! (I hate being late to weddings - the tackiest place in the world to be late to!) We got seated right before they started seating the family. Aahhh. Breathe.
It was a beautiful wedding. Totally suited Sarah and Matt perfectly. Steve (her dad, one of the pastors at Northside) did a fabulous job at the ceremony marrying off his daughter (and held it together rather well!!). We wouldn't have missed it for the world!!

We enjoyed the reception, touched base with David's assistant about the choir kickoff lunch happening on Sunday, and started our wheels turning. David started "working the room" at the reception - trying to get any last minute people to commit to come to the kickoff lunch that he could. He's been working hard the last couple of months gearing up for our move to the new location. He'd love to see a 60 person choir (we currently run 25-30) in order to be able to really infuse that service with HIGH energy, etc. This kickoff lunch was his way to be able to bring in new people, share his vision for the service, and tell them where he would like to go with it.

We spent some time at the reception and then headed back home to see our kids!!!! We had missed them so much!! They were glad to see us and gave us big hugs! We enjoyed some time with them for a few hours before they went to bed and then I headed to the store! I had 75 people to cook for! I had told David a few weeks ago that I could cater the lunch for him to save him some money. Not really connecting the dots that it was going to be the day after being gone all weekend. And after a wedding that afternoon. And that I wouldn't be able to start cooking until 9 pm that night! Oops!! I got home from Sam's with the food and thankfully had everything done by midnight! Whew! WHAT a day!

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Courtney said...

i can't believe all that you did in 1 day!