Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jacob's Announcement

We met some friends today at a new playground and splash pad! Just what the doctor ordered when it's 103 degrees outside!!! We had gone grocery shopping that morning and I let the kids choose some lunchables to take with us for their lunch that day - special treat and all. Jacob chose the nachos one. Gross. But that's what he picked.
So then we get to the park and he's eating it, and he declares "See Mom? I love salsa!" WHAT?!?! Sure enough - he dipped his chip in the cheese (ewww....gross fake cheese) and then the salsa (which looked more like ketchup to me, but whatever) and he ATE it! And loved it! This is my kid that eats EVERYTHING plain. Everything. Doesn't dip anything in anything. No sauce on anything. Doesn't really like food to be combined. But apparently now he likes salsa. Go figure.

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Judy said...

I've been guilty of eating that fake lunchable cheese. ha! It's not that bad.