Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jacob's Rank Test - BLUE Belt!!!

On Saturday morning, David and 3 of the kids headed up to Northside for the last our 3 prayer walks that were scheduled over the summer. I hated to miss it, but Jacob had a rank test scheduled for the same time. So he and I headed to the dojo. He was a little nervous - he was testing for his blue belt, and as he advances in rank, the tests get a little harder. I think he was also nervous because it was the first test he was doing on his own. (Jacob & Josiah have always tested at the same time...but Josiah is already blue and it will take another several months before he advances now that he is at the intermediate level).
Sensei was giving them "the talk" - about doing their very best, about how they have learned everything they need to know and are prepared, etc. Part of what I love about Fortress is that he really does make them work hard - so that they feel as though they have really earned it and accomplished something! It's not an easy thing!
Before EVERY class/test - he always has the kids jump up, try to touch the ceiling, and say "I'll do my best!" Alright - time to head out for the run!
The first part of the physical test is to run a mile within 12 minutes.
Jacob led the pack and finished 2nd - even beating out a LOT of the older kids! And he had a HUGE smile on his face the whole time!
Proud of himself for finishing the run (he's always most nervous about that part!)
Doing his kata...

He did GREAT! It was not an easy test, but he passed and did very well. Goodbye orange belt!

Hello blue belt!!!
Giving the new blue belts a talk about how they have graduated to a new level in karate now, they will have more expected of them, more responsibility, etc. Such a good thing!
Jacob and I took advantage of it only being the two of us and went to have lunch together! He had a free kids meal coupon from the library reading program to use up, and I even let him order dessert. What a special morning celebrating my sweet Jacob. Way to go Jacob - SO proud of you!!

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