Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Perfect (well, not perfect, but really good) Saturday

We were bums. Pretty much all day. Callie (after running a fever yesterday and in the bathroom very frequently) was back to her normal self and Caleb didn't have a fever, but still "diaper" issues, so we've been staying low key and close to home the last few days. We stayed in our jammies until after 9 am. Had french toast for breakfast (I think Jacob ate 6 pieces!!). Yum. Worked on our 1000 piece puzzle some more. We had started it before we left for Spartanburg, then it got crashed while we were gone and we had to start over again. Making progress!
We had some thunderstorms roll through in the afternoon while the kids were napping - it was SO nice! I just kept working away on the puzzle - it's therapeutic!! We had cottage cheese and pita chips for lunch. It's the only nice thing about David being out of town - my hair has been in a ponytail, no makeup, and our meals are rather simple! :)
Finished it up right as Caleb was waking up from his nap! :) Hooray! Another thing checked off our summer list! Good thing - summer is almost over!! We did go to the library before dinner to return/check out new books, but other than that, we've been at home for the last two days. Out of necessity at first because of the younger two being sick, but I've actually enjoyed it. At first I was bummed because I had planned to do all these fun things to end our summer vacation. But it's been sort of nice to have these days where we CAN just be bums. We've enjoyed it. :) They are missing their daddy quite a bit though - anytime Caleb cries, Callie says "Oh Caleb. Do you miss Daddy too?" It's very sweet. We will all be glad to see him again!

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