Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Randoms from our week...

They had a special "back to school" storytime on Thursday morning that we went to. It kind of struck me as funny because all the kids that were there were obviously NOT "back to school". Funny. But we enjoyed it - our regularly scheduled storytime doesn't start back until Tuesday, so it's been a LONG summer break and we have missed it! They even finished it up with a special craft - dipping apples in paint and "stamping" them on paper - always a huge hit! This statue is out front of the library and the kids love to go and see it E.V.E.R.Y. time. They both had to run back and give the teacher and kids hugs and kisses. Seriously. :)
I just downloaded these pictures from David's phone - sorry they are late! They are of Caleb opening his birthday presents from Dad! He got some VERY cool new squirt balls for the pool...

...And his very first remote control car! It's Lightning McQueen!
Does he look excited or what? :)
And some cool new swim trunks!
It's amazing to me how these kids just KNOW how things work!! He could do the RC car right away!!
And this is of our new church property that we are getting ready to relocate to in just a few short weeks...4 to be exact!!! It's nearing completion and the chaos of moving from our current property into the new property has definitely begun!! It's getting very exciting though! :)

It's been a good week. The boys are still totally loving school - Josiah especially. He is just incredibly exuberant every day about how much he loves it. Loves everything. Jacob says the same thing - but it is wearing him out! He's been SO tired each day. Took a nap this afternoon and still in bed early tonight. I'm so glad they have been excited...but I'm hoping they will stop waking up so EARLY in the morning because of it! :) Looking forward to a low-key day tomorrow to recover from our new school schedule!!

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Judy said...

the new church looks fabulous! And caleb is so big! He's just adorable!