Monday, August 15, 2011

School Open House!

Oops - I totally forgot to post about yesterday!! On Sunday afternoon, the boys' school had an open house/orientation from 3-5 pm. I love how they do it. From 3-3:30, the school has an open house where everyone can walk around the campus, go in their classrooms and see their desks, classmates, etc. Very informal, but gives the kids a chance to see it all and get a feel for their room, meet their teacher, see friends again, etc. Then the kids all get to go to the gym/cafeteria rooms where they have a company that comes in and does activities with them. (Last year it was Mad Science. This year it was a company called Tumble Tree that does cheerleading, afterschool sports and activities, etc. The kids LOVE it!

Meanwhile, the parents get to go to their child's class and hear the orientation. The teachers do it twice - so you have two timeblocks to choose from. I was able to go to Josiah's EAGLE program orientation first - and was SO super excited. He is absolutely going to LOVE it! It is going to really challenge him (which will be SO good) and he is just going to love it - i just know it! LOVE that teacher. LOVE his 3rd grade teacher - her son takes karate with Josiah so I've seen her there before. Then I went down to Jacob's class for his orientation. His teacher is amazing too (and she's a runner! :) Big proponent of Girls on the Run program there at school!) Sitting across from him is a little boy whose DAD is a youth pastor at the church down the street from us. He used to be at Northside until right before we moved here and then he was called to this other church. And this little boy's MOM was great friends with BETH at Liberty! Isn't that crazy! Talk about a small world!

So I am super excited for both of them again this year. THEY are super excited too - Josiah more than Jacob, but Jacob's looking forward to it too. I am so thankful for their school. For their amazing administration and these wonderful teachers that God has given them again this year. Praying that it will be an incredible year of growth and challenge for them and learning experiences. And that they will be a light for Jesus and a blessing to others along the way. I know God has an incredible year in store for them both and I can't WAIT to see it begin!

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anthonyandbeth said...

They're gonna have a GREAT year!