Sunday, August 7, 2011

Choir Kickoff Lunch

HUGE success!! I can't tell you how THRILLED I was so see this room filled! (I didn't even get a couple of the tables in the picture...) David did a great job sharing his vision for the ministry and what our purpose as a worship-leading choir is. The food (my responsibility) turned out great! I did Aunt Linda's Baked Spaghetti (SOOOOOO yummy - it's kind of like lasagna....), salad, garlic bread, and cookies/brownies for dessert. I had ideas of making my favorite banana pudding recipe or something for dessert, but wised up and took a short cut where I could. I did my recipe for the baked spaghetti times 7 - in order to feed 75 people. Everything worked out PERFECTLY. Was worried about the commercial ovens in the kitchen at church, but everything got cooked just perfectly. Everybody enjoyed their food, got more if they wanted it, and we had about half of a 9x13 sized pan leftovers. Perfect!!! I'm excited for this service as we kick off rehearsals next Wednesday. We are 5 weeks away from moving in to our new building and we are going to hit the ground running!

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Judy said...

Oh Katy, only you could successfully feed 75 people. I think I would go into credit card debt before I would ever try such a thing. I'm sure it was great!!!

Sounds like a very exciting time in the life of your church. Can't wait to hear more!