Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ending with a Bang - and full tummies!

Thursday morning Caleb was definitely feeling better. Still yucky diapers, but no more fever and he was a little perkier. He got to open his birthday present from Mrs. Beth - a basketball hoop for the bath tub!
He was SO excited - he wanted to play with it right away, so Callie held it for him. (Can't you just see her saying "Too bad!!" in this picture when he missed the shot? :)
The girls "pretending" to sleep - I'm telling you, they were hilarious together!
We got in the vans to head to lunch before we had to hit the road and did a little kid swap! Jacob got to ride with Jackson...
Callie rode with Addison...
...and Harrison rode with Josiah in our van! :)
We headed to Golden Corral for our farewell lunch. Do you remember me talking about this restaurant the last time we came? Biggest buffet I ever saw. Cotton candy machine. Chocolate fountain. Salad bar with 150 items. Dessert bar. Italian bar. Seafood station. Mexican. EVERYTHING! The kids loved it, and Josiah (my normally flat-line kid) started screaming and jumping up and down when I told him we were going there for lunch before heading home!

I should have taken a picture of their table AFTER they were done eating. It was PILED high with plates!!
These boys are getting so big! It's hard to believe that Harrison was 18 months old and Josiah was 10 months old when we first met!!
Harrison, Josiah, Jackson, Jacob
The "crazy" picture :)
I believe that we must have worn them out. They were all asleep very quickly :)

One of the fun sights when I travel to NC - getting to count the billboards for South of the Border! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

Lots of fun memories made on this visit. Loved our talks during naps and at night! Always so refreshing and encouraging to me! Glad we were able stuff those little tummies so they could sleep well on their trip. :-). Love you and miss you ALL already!