Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday at the Festival

Friday was another FULL day. We started bright and early at 7:45 am with the first music session! :) One of our speakers mid-morning was a man named Don Piper - author of "90 Minutes In Heaven". About 20 years ago, he was in a horrific traffic accident and was pronounced dead at the scene by the paramedics. 90 minutes later, he came BACK to life with full memories and recollections of HEAVEN! An incredible testimony and amazing witness to hear! Hard for my mind to even comprehend, but talk about seeing a walking, talking miracle!!

I was able to go to several workshops with Celeste Clydesdale - one of the premier writers of children's musicals (we did her musicals last year and have chosen another one for Christmas this year!) It was SO great to meet her (she already friended me on FB!) and hear some of her tips and ideas related to kids' music! I got SO many great ideas and wrote as fast as I possibly could! :)

The concert on Friday night was a little more "old school" that we personally are. But we couldn't miss it - the choir from First Baptist Church of Columbia sang (remember when I took the kids to the HUGE 4th of July concert? that's the church!) and we are friends with the Music Pastor & his wife (their son is in Josiah's class) so I wanted to see them. Got to reunite with a couple that sings in the choir that used to go to my home church (IBC) - SO good to hug them and say hello! And they had a special guest that spoke for a few minutes and then led a special song. Cliff Barrows. The man that led the songs for Billy Graham for 50+ years. Talk about a legacy. Such a godly man. It's hard to get my mind around all that he and Billy Graham accomplished in their lives of ministry - just two men - and all that God used them to do!! He led "How Great Thou Art" - now THAT was a moment!! :)

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