Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Thing...Check!

The last thing on our Summer List was a Science Experiment. It was one of Josiah's suggestions. I think he had visions of exploding things or something. That's not really how I operate. Luckily, my dad came to our rescue. He sent the boys this huge foot-long feather and said he found it during his run one day (in Chicago) and could they investigate and determine what kind of bird it came from. They thought that was fantastic! And I decided that would count as our science experiement.

So after a little research on the computer, they determined that it belonged to a pheasant and we sent Dad an email to let him know we had solved the mystery!
And then we checked off the LAST thing on our list. I can't believe we really did it all. We had a lot of fun with it this summer. I've never REALLY done it as well as we did this year. It was a great summer - lots of incredible memories and great time with the precious children God has entrusted with me for this short time. SO very thankful.

(Side note: Dad has since informed us that he thinks we need to research a LITTLE bit more....perhaps it's not a pheasant??)

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