Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love a Saturday afternoon!!!

* Made it through my run this morning! It's still quite hard and not very enjoyable yet, but I'm pushing through. November is looming! :)

* David got the yard work done - looks great. And he didn't pass out from the horrible humidity either, poor guy! Now I've REALLY got to get some weeding done - when the grass looks great, the weeds look even worse!

* 120 cupcakes ready to go for tomorrow night's kickoff for children's choir! Deep breath - still have to prepare for my parents' meeting and for the kids, but cupcakes are done! :)

* Callie, Caleb, and assorted dolls are having "storytime" right now. They both just got up from their naps and are sitting on the chair in the living room reading books. Totally love it.

* Josiah and Jacob are still asleep. School is exhausting! That or the waking up at 5 am every day out of sheer excitement. Perhaps a combination of both! :)

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