Tuesday, August 16, 2011

David's California Trip

So David was gone most of last week as he led a missions trip out to San Jose, California. We support a church plant there and send a team every year to help them in different efforts.

Last year, David sent me all these text messages about how CRAZY high the house prices were. $500K for a house the size of our kitchen! Housing is just nuts out there. Well, this year, his "CA is crazy" discovery is that most of the yards have ARTIFICIAL TURF instead of grass! No wonder all the yards look so fabulous! :)
More turf - isn't that hysterical?
They were close enough to San Fransisco that they got to see some of the "sights" while they were there too. Like the Golden Gate bridge...
They ate in Chinatown one night - David was SUPER excited about that!
(The lady David is sitting next to is Elizabeth - she heads up the Women's Ministry at our church and is an amazing lady! Has her Ph.D. in education, has travelled to every continent except for Antartica, etc! :) )

Apparently my family perhaps has a lot of money coming to us one day? This is "Maxfield's - House of Caffeine" the sign says underneath! I love it! :)
Perhaps we should steal this idea...the church has these out on a table with mints. Isn't that cute?

They did a HUGE community outreach lunch that afternoon - it was a GREAT success!
Some of the staff that David and our team was supporting this week. It was a great week of ministry!

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