Friday, April 3, 2009

Waterslide Fun!

We really did have a great time staying there. The kids REALLY enjoyed it. It's not a bad deal either. Like I said - for the hotel room rate, it includes your waterpark passes too. And you can use the waterpark before checkin time ( so we got there about 1:30 pm on Thursday), and you can stay and swim the day you check out until the park closes at 9 pm. So you can have almost 2 full days for the price of one hotel night stay.

It was funny to see our kids' different personalities. Jacob is the thrill seeker - like David. Loved ALL the slides he could do, and would do them a hundred times. Also no fear of the crowd, didn't really care where we were - he was all about having fun. Josiah wanted to know EXACTLY where I was going to be at all times, he enjoyed the slides, but had to be convinced of them initially, and he loved going around the Lazy River! Sometimes on a float, sometimes just swimming and trying to "beat" me on my float. And he would ALWAYS want Jacob to do whatever he was doing with him. Callie enjoyed the whole experience quite a bit as well. They had a great toddler pool with a few slides, and she really enjoyed the sprinkler fountains all over. They had one big slide that 4 riders could go on together that David took all the kids on (even Callie) and she loved that.

I sort of missed out on some of the fun because of my "great with child" state - bummer. It's the second time we've been at an indoor waterpark, and I've been pregnant both times! Good grief. But they had a wave pool and a "family friendly" hot tub (I still couldn't get in, but could put my feet in) that were fun. I think it was a really special time especially for the boys with their daddy.

This was actually right before we left on Friday afternoon. We all changed clothes and everyone got to pick out some ice cream - it was the only thing we paid for our whole stay (remember I packed all our food and snacks?). And it was RIDICULOUS how much the ice cream cost. But I tried to ignore it and focus on the treat! :)
Don't let Jacob's face fool you. He was being dramatic. We were waiting for David & Josiah to come down a slide so I could get their picture.

Here's David & Josiah after doing the "yellow" slide - Josiah's favorite.

BIG splash!

He was one tired boy for sure. Jacob would go and go and go until he dropped dead from exhaustion probably. When Josiah had enough, he would ask me "when are we going back to our room? Can we play Disney Uno or Scrabble?" When he's done, he's ready to get away from all the noise and just recharge. Sounds good to me!

Here's the big raft ride that they all got to do. Again, very jealous! I couldn't believe Callie could go on it - it was a big slide!!!

Callie loved stepping on all the fountains.

Josiah up in the play house...thing. I'm not sure what to call it.

Callie with her favorite snack in hand! :)

My boys on our lunch break!

Jacob cracked me up. He just absolutely loved everything about it.

You can see the play house...thing better in this picture. There's water sprayers and fountains and things dumping water on you everywhere. Callie had a great time climbing all around in this too.


Courtney said...

yay!!! what a FUN surprise!!! we've wanted to go there for awhile...but can never find those good deals. what i always find is a price that seems like it should be for 3 nights...but it's for 1 night!

what a great time for you guys to have together!!!

Judy said...

It's so funny to see Callie right in there with the boys. It looks to me like that girl has NO FEAR!!

Natalie said...

What a great surprise! You are the best mom ever:)