Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just like old times!!

This was Tuesday morning - the kids and I were sitting eating breakfast before school, and we had a visit from the REAL Easter bunny. Can you see him? Just past the chair in our backyard! It was hilarious! We're wondering if it's the same baby bunny from last spring that we saw - he's much bigger now!!
Tuesday afternoon, we were LUCKY to steal the Judds for the rest of the day. They came up for their spring break and so we got to have them over for some play time and catch up time!! This is the only picture I have...mostly because selfishly, I just sat and chatted with Heather the whole time! It felt just like old times having those two sweet boys back in my house again!! Josiah, Jacob, & Anderson played superheroes and lightsabres for the rest of the day, and Callie and Carter tooks turns being territorial with their mommies! :) It was GREAT spending the day with them!

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