Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How it's going so far....

....Things take longer with only one parent. Like bedtime. Normally, David will put Callie down while I start the boys with jammies, teeth, etc. or vice versa. When there's only one of you, everything just takes longer.

...Jacob had a hard day yesterday with self-control. And every time he'd get in trouble, he'd just cry and cry for Daddy. It broke my heart. He's had a harder first few days than Josiah. He's my physical touch boy - just like his daddy. He's missing his "physical" presence - missing rough-housing, missing sitting in his lap, etc. I can hardly type it without crying. The last thing he asked me last night before going to bed was "how many more sleeps until we get to see Daddy?"

...One less person to do laundry for is ONE good thing about this whole bit!!

So we're doing okay. I'm SO thankful that this week is a short one. We'll head down to SC this weekend to spend Easter with David and be there for his first Sunday. Then we're planning on spending some of Spring Break with my Mom. I'm SO happy for the distraction and the BREAK for me. It will help the kids (but probably me, more!) tremendously.

One good thing is that we've had several showings on the house this week with realtors. We had some people come by this afternoon (which meant I had to wake up kids early from naps to leave...grr...) that ended up coming by AGAIN tonight to take a second look, so that was positive. Just trying to remain patient!! But it did make me smile when they complimented me on how nice and clean my house was! At least something is under control for the moment! :)

I've been working on finishing up David's meals to take down to him this weekend. I sent him with 4 or 5 of them last week, and told him I'd bring the rest when we come down for Easter. He picked about 15 meals that he'd like to have in his freezer, so it's been helpful for me to feel like I'm doing something to help support him!


Heidi said...

Hey Katy, Whew alot to catch up on! I love all the pictures! That is so awesome that you got to go to the Great Wolf Lodge. I know you had a blast and what a perfect surprise for everyone. Callie reminds me of Alayna in some ways. Although I've never found her in the chair asleep I've found her in Bradley's bed under the covers or roaming the halls and such. Too cute! Just know I've been praying for you over here girl!

Love ya!

Judy said...

I'm so glad you guys get to be together for Easter! Yay!! It's probably been good to have something to look forward to this week!

anthonyandbeth said...

well i'm glad you're keeping the blog up. i've talked to you so little lately that i wouldn't know how in the heck things were otherwise! i want to comment on everything but can't until i get home from TX! :( i'm thinking about you all the time and wishing i could be there to lend a hand. i'm SO glad you get to go and visit with David this weekend and see him in his new role. how exciting! i'm also excited that you get to go to your mom's and get a BREAK!! i know the visit will be wonderful!

you know i would give you a break too if you wanted to blow off school for Josiah and come to Raleigh! i know that won't happen! :) i'm still trying to think of a way i can get away and get up there.

i know you miss him Katy. he's a wonderful husband and daddy! and you're right, very hands on and what a blessing that is! i know it's so hard on your boys...and callie, that their Daddy is gone. even short trips away are hard for my boys AND they are hard on Anthony (remember how he always wants me to keep them up??? it KILLS him to be away - so thankful he's not as much as he used to be). this will be hard on David too. but i know God is going to give you both the strength and is going to provide your every need through this. we are praying for the house to sell soon and are so thrilled there have been more showings! it just takes one...right??? :)

love you girl! have a safe trip tomorrow and enjoy your weekend!

Courtney said...

ohhh...such hard days...and full of hard moments. you are doing an AMAZING job!!! can't WAIT to see you!