Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!!

What a GREAT morning!! We opened our last resurrection egg in the morning and celebrated the fact that HE is RISEN!! Everything went surprisingly smoothly that morning. I bathed and dressed the kids without incident, and we headed downstairs to eat breakfast. I felt TERRIBLY sick that morning, but we made it through and to church before 8 am when the first service started. Got the kids checked in their classes - Josiah was relieved to hear that he'd be with Jacob for the 1st hour. There isn't normally an 8 am service - it was added for Easter - so the childcare rooms were different that hour. It was a relief for josiah! Callie and Jacob were totally fine.

I snuck my camera in the services to get a picture of David leading them. He had 3 services that morning - 1 blended in the sanctuary, and 2 contemporary in the multi-purpose building. They went great. It was wonderful worship, and I was so proud to see him up there - fulfilling his calling! I brought Josiah in with me for the last service so he could see David leading worship with the band again. He loved it. After all the services were over and the kids picked up, David took them upstairs to see his office. Afterwards, we headed over to the senior pastor's house to have lunch with their family and some friends of theirs. It was GREAT! I'm SO happy to be moving to the south -what GREAT food!! Sherrie (the pastor's wife) had made an amazing feast, and even made a box of Spiderman mac & cheese, JUST for my boys!!!! She's the best. It was delicious to say the least!

After driving David back to his house, the kids and I hit the road. We left at 3:30 pm, and headed up to Mom's house to spend the rest of spring break. It was a long drive (7.5 hours without stops), but once again, the kids did great. Oh, except for Callie's BLOWOUT a few hours into the trip. Disgusting. She's at the stage before potty training, where she's greatly bothered by wet or messy diapers. Tends to try to take off her diaper to get it off. Well, in the car, the best she could do was pull at it from her legs...and quite a mess was made - gross!! And I had all of 2 wipes...Awful. Aside from that, everything was great. Jacob and Callie took a nap when we first started, and then everyone was asleep by 9 pm for the night, so it went really well. We got to mom's before midnight. WHEW - what a full day!!! :)

David (in his SUIT!) directing the choir in the sanctuary - this was the 8am service (normally 9:15 am).

David leading worship with the praise team & band in the contemporary service at 9:15 am (normally 10:45 am).

The sign outside the office suite where David's office is...

I didn't do a good job at getting pretty, posed pictures of our family for Easter. It was too busy, and way too much going on. But Callie looked beautiful in her Easter dress - and even left her bow in all morning!!!

David, in his office, googling the directions for me back to mom's house.

All of the children that were visitors that morning were given chocolate bunnies. Pastor Rocky told them to eat the ears first!!!

Even Callie enjoyed her bunny - apparently it set her free, because she has NEVER enjoyed chocolate...and hasn't since then either...

Remember my strategy for food stops? We did it again at dinner time. Stopped around 7 pm and they played on a great outdoor playground (remember, we were still down south where it was WARM!)


Heather J said...

YEAH! Looks like it went sooo great! Everyone has at least 1 icky 'poop' story don't they - if you didn't already have one, now you do! (for me it's the fact that Carter loves to poop in the tub -he's probably done it 10times now!)

the mccollums... said...

I loved this post! Sounds like things are really clicking for you guys at this will be there in no time! We will need to get together half way somewhere before I leave country. You are super mom for driving 7 hours by yourself with kids and blowout do you do it? :)

Judy said...

I'm so glad you snuck your camera into the service! It's fun to see David in action! I'm glad you guys had such a good weekend with him. I know you needed it and I'm sure he did too! The next few weeks are going to fly by and you'll all be back together before you know it! You're doing an incredible job being super mom for your kids right now!

anthonyandbeth said...

i still find it funny about what i "expected" the picture of him leading to look like. i thought he was giving a concert or something! LOL!

glad things went well getting to church and you could be there with them. sounds like lunch was delicious and i'm SO glad they are already loving on you down there. they don't know what a treasure they have in your family but i know they will quickly find out how awesome you all are!

hated not to see y'all as you were passing through but know that it was best for you to keep on movin'. :) just know you're always welcome...