Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daddy Day at School!

Sweet Josiah. He is a LOT like me. In a lot of different ways. One of those ways is that he is absolutely a "quality time" kid. That speaks love to him. To sit and play a game with him, or color with him, or do a puzzle together - that is HUGE for him. I thought it would be really special for David to get to spend a morning at school with Josiah. Because his last day of teaching was Wednesday, he had Thursday available to do exactly that. I'm in the classroom alot for different room mom things, different parties, etc, but David never gets that opportunity. At first, David thought it was sort of strange, but I really knew that it would be something that Josiah would REALLY think was special - especially with David leaving. And sure enough, on Wednesday night as we were getting ready for bed, I reminded Josiah that David was going to school with him the next day and Josiah said "it's a dream come true!" He adores his daddy, and he loved the idea of having him see all the things that he does at school.

So Thursday morning Josiah was SO excited, and decided that he and Daddy ought to match - so they wore orange polo shirts and khaki pants - they were so cute! He told David that he would help him to follow the rules so that neither one of them would lose any bears. He was very excited to take cupcakes in for snack time for all his classmates, and even happier that there was one for David! It was a FABULOUS morning for them!

David was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. He was fascinated by how MUCH the kids are learning, and loved seeing the routine of the day. Josiah's teacher has been teaching them their verses this month (that are referencing Easter) in Hebrew as well, so David loved seeing that (of course!). He said everytime Mrs. Mulford would give the students a direction or task to do, Josiah immediately followed. David said he was completely focused the ENTIRE time - of course, I already knew that, but I think it surprised David to see how some of the other kids responded to the same types of directions. Josiah is very very focused - which is probably why when he comes home from school, he's bouncing in all directions at times! All in all, it was a GREAT day of school for BOTH boys! :)

Josiah loves to be matchy matchy - just like I do!
They were doing their "math meeting" and reading their sight words cards. (You can see Josiah in the orange shirt).

Working always.

Thursday is PE day...they were stretching because they ran some races that day...1 for speed, and then they did a mile run. Josiah came in 2nd that day! :)

Thursday is also Music day, so they were working on a song that they'll do at Kindergarten graduation.


Laurel Conrod said...

What a great idea! How fun that must have been for both of them to go to school together. I can't believe how creative you can still be with all that's going on for you guys right now. Glad that you are having fun. We are praying for you guys and for David for his big debut in SC this Sunday.

The Stein Family said...

Clara loves to have her daddy along for the things she does too -- esp since he's not able to often. Looks like Josiah had a great time!